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Meet the Tumble Family

Spark, Clock & Pulse

Let us introduce the Tumble Family, starting with the Tumble Spark: a playful curly-shaped paperweight that embodies our core vision on interaction and design.
Next in line is the Tumble Clock: a solid but elegantly designed alarm-clock, to which interaction is a crucial part of the product’s design.
The Tumble Family will be completed soon with the Tumble Pulse: smart-home controller, allowing for rich, efficient interaction and multiple functionalities in the smart-home environment.

Tumble Spark
Stylish yet playful

It’s small, but don’t underestimate it! Created with the characteristic Tumble-shape the Spark embodies the Tumble vision without carrying electronics. This playful paperweight lights up every room because of it’s elegant looks and funky interaction.

Release: Very Soon
Tumb Clock
In touch with snooze-time

Are you one of those persons that sets 4 alarms per morning? Tumble Clock is a stand-alone alarm clock with which you can set the duration of your extended sleep period simply with one touch. The further the curly-shaped Tumble is brought out of balance, the longer the snooze-time.

Release: Early 2018
Tumble Pulse
Tangible Smart Home controller

Like to be in direct control of your smart home products? You don’t need an app for that! Tumble Pulse enables you to intuitively manipulate settings of your smart home environment. Change the intensity of your intelligent lighting, shuffle through music playlists or change the volume of your sound system- all by simply moving the Tumble Pulse.

Release: Mid 2018



“Our hearts are beating for
technology and design”

At Tumble Labs, we are passionate about designing technology that leverages humans’ ability to express themselves physically, instead of humans having to conform to the limitations of designed technology. Therefore design is key to us and it is about more than aesthetics alone. Form and function are two sides of the same coin: to create an engaging user experience, one simply requires the other.

We create elegant products to which tangible interaction with digital information lies at the core of our products’ design. By re-imagining how we interact with everyday technology in our homes, we develop tailor-made interactions that allow for rich communication.

The result is the Tumble Family: all members of the Tumble Family [link to part of the page where we show products] are designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday life. They’re stylish, funky, and powerful. We hope you like them.
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The Team

Jan Zekveld
Design & Research

Jan is an experienced Industrial Designer, Design Researcher and the creative mind behind the Tumble products. He is passionate about the balance objects as driver for interaction with everyday technology.

Rob Graumans

Rob has a passion for bringing exiting ideas into the world, and learning how products can add most value to users. Two ingredients that totally match the Tumble vision. He is in charge of operations.

Jonas Weidner

Jonas is an Industrial Designer & Engineer and a true Jack of All Trades. He is responsible for the magical technology behind the Tumble products.

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